Awards/Schenk Family Award Winners

 2017: Buhle Dlodlo  

Buhle Dlodlo was awarded the 2017 Schenk Family Award. She was honoured by Donald P. Schenk for the following reasons:

  • Buhle's academic performance as an aeronautical engineering student at Wits University. She is one of Wits University’s top aeronautical engineering students, a past National Aerospace Centre (NAC) Scholarship recipient, and has taken the time to help with Wonders of Aviation South Africa (WOA SA);
  • Her collaborative work with the South African Aero Squad team from Wits University that made it into the top 50 in the Airbus Fly Your Ideas competition;
  • Her leadership in designing a reading program that will encourage high school students to read more books about aviation;
  • Her leadership in helping the NAC develop an exciting one day program at Wits University for our Award Winners (she also had a hand in selecting 2018’s WOA Award Winner from Wits); and
  • Her commitment to assuming a leadership role at WOA SA during 2018; and her devotion to the principles of WOA.
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 2016: Gift Kgadima  

Gift Kgadima was awarded the 2016 Schenk Family Award. He was honoured by Donald P. Schenk for the following reasons:

  • Gift's demonstrated leadership qualities at the Cornerstone College, Silverton, Pretoria where he learned to fly drones. He matriculated from Cornerstone College in 2011. He is a talented RC pilot and participated in the national Fun Fly Masters in 2009 (5th place in Sportsman's Class) and 2010 (3rd place in Sportsman's Class); 
  • His passion, work ethic and responsibility for some of the Aero Club of South Africa's Transformation and Development team's community outreach activities;
  • His inspirational commitment to making a difference in Africa's fight against wildlife poaching by flying drones for Air Shepherd, an organization supported by the Lindbergh Foundation, that uses drones to protect elephants in Africa; and
  • His commitment to assuming a leadership role, and his devotion to the principles of Wonders of Aviation (South Africa). 
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