Awards/Schenk Family Award Winners/2017: Buhle Dlodlo

Above: Buhle Dlodlo receiving the Schenk Family Award from Donald P. Schenk

 Buhle Dlodlo 

Buhle Dlodlo was awarded the 2017 Schenk Family Award. She was honoured by Donald P. Schenk for the following reasons:

  • Buhle's academic performance as an aeronautical engineering student at Wits University. She is one of Wits University’s top aeronautical engineering students, a past National Aerospace Centre (NAC) Scholarship recipient, and has taken the time to help with Wonders of Aviation South Africa (WOA SA);
  • Her collaborative work with the South African Aero Squad team from Wits University that made it into the top 50 in the Airbus Fly Your Ideas competition;
  • Her leadership in designing a reading program that will encourage high school students to read more books about aviation;
  • Her leadership in helping the NAC develop an exciting one day program at Wits University for our Award Winners (she also had a hand in selecting 2018’s WOA Award Winner from Wits); and
  • Her commitment to assuming a leadership role at WOA SA during 2018; and her devotion to the principles of WOA. 

 Airbus Fly Your Ideas Competition 2017 

Airbus Fly Your Ideas (FYI) is a global competition, which challenges students worldwide to innovate for the future of aviation. Airbus launched Fly Your Ideas in 2008 with the aim of engaging with universities and students worldwide and from all backgrounds. The challenge received United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) patronage in 2012 with a renewed partnership in 2014 and 2016. The key goals of FYI are to stimulate innovative ideas for a more sustainable aviation industry and to identify opportunities for R&T development and interaction with academic research teams.

FYI is a unique opportunity for students worldwide to innovate with Airbus. With the competition, Airbus is inspiring students to be creative and develop their skills with a leading global company on real-life challenges. By investing in global talent Airbus will be able to continue to meet the challenges facing the aviation industry.

Since the competition was launched in 2008, over 20,000 students have registered to participate, from over 650 universities and 100 countries worldwide, with over 400 Airbus employees supporting the students and assessing entries.

Visit Airbus Fly Your Ideas (FYI) for more information about the competition, as well as innovation in aviation.

 Wits University National Aerospace Centre News 

Wits team flying high 
Engineering students reach the top 50 in Airbus global aviation competition
by Wits University. 20 January 2017

Four Wits Aeronautical Engineering students have progressed to round two in the Airbus Fly Your Ideas competition that challenges students from all disciplines to develop new ideas and innovate with Airbus for the future of aviation. South Africa is represented by Team Aero Squad consisting of the four Witsies: Makhosazana Moyo, Seshni Govender, Thabiso Leballo and Buhle Dlodlo.
Read the full article here.

Although we have different personalities and think differently, on some level we speak the same language and when you are willing to listen, you find that your team mates have strengths that you can learn from such as resilience, patience, good communication and the willingness to make sacrifices. 
Buhle Dlodlo, SA Team Aero Squad member